Grand Convocation

by Steven Noble

Grand Chapter of BC & Yukon

Convocation 2020

I have been directed by the Grand First Principal, MEC Phillip Robinson to distribute the following information.

It was decided by the Principal Officers of Royal Arch at a recent Executive meeting that due to the present situation and difficulties we are experiencing with COVID-19, The Grand Chapter due to take place this year in Chilliwack this upcoming September has been Cancelled . It has also been decided that all Officers will remain in place for this next year.This includes all District Superintendents and Appointed Officers All resolutions will be put off for a year. The only exceptions will be that the Grand Scribe Ezra will be stepping down due to other commitments. The Grand Scribe Nehemiah, REC Peter Guichon will be appointed to fill his Office in the interim. Any Officer who is unable to remain for a second term will be replaced.
The Order of the High Priest is also being cancelled for this year.

Kind Regards
MEC Ken Overy