Companion Doug Bonk, received his 60 year bar, of Royal Arch Masonry

by Steven Noble
Companion Doug Bonk 60 Year Pin RAM

Dawson Creek Chapter No. 41


One of our Chapter’s founding members, Companion Doug Bonk, received his 60 year bar, for his 60 years of being a member of Royal Arch Masonry, from our 1st Principal, Excellent Companion Chris Larsen. Thanks go to Excellent Companion Elwood Dodds for arranging the presentation (especially in these challenging times) and Right Excellent Companion Larry Holthe and his wife for hosting the event at their ranch.

I know we would have all liked to be able to be at his presentation, but it wasn’t to be. I am sure each of us will find a way to congratulate Companion Bonk. If you would like to write him, please contact me, and I can arrange for your letter to get to him. I know that EC Dodds talks to him on a weekly basis, so he can also pass on your best wishes.

As an aside, our Grand First Principal had really wanted to be able to do this presentation.

Please find attached photos from this historic event.

Doug is our last original Companion who is a member of our Chapter. Next year, our Chapter will celebrate its 60th anniversary of consecration (Companion Bonk joined when the Chapter was Under Dispensation).

EC Dodds reported:
“Today Excellent Companion Chris Larsen presented Companion Doug Bonk with his 60 year bar at the 3 Rivers Ranch, home to Larry & Joan Holthe.
We wish to take this time to thank Larry & Joan for their gracious Hospitality in hosting us.
Doug was also accompanied by close friends, Ted & Rose Schilds and two nephews that happened to be up visiting from Vancouver Island.”

EC Larsen also commented:
“Added a couple more pics of Doug Bonk out at 3 rivers ranch. We had a bunch of lovely ladies and gentlemen from the Eastern Star and we were treated to a lovely steak dinner.

Thanks again Larry and Joan”



E.C. Scott Wisdahl
Scribe Ezra
Dawson Creek Chapter No. 41

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