Grand Convocation 2021

by Steven Noble

September 18, 2021
Your Grand Executive has completed the arrangements for our Grand Convocation for 2021.
It is to be held at Saanichton, on Vancouver Island, the address is:
Mt. Newton Masonic Hall
8105 Derrinberg Road
Saanichton, BC

It will be a one day event – September 18, 2021, beginning at 11:00 am.
Unfortunately, we are unable to include a ZOOM component this year, due to circumstances brought to our attention. Because of COVID your Grand Executive is asking that only one representative of your Chapter attend. This will satisfy the requirements of our Constitution and minimizing the exposure risk around COVID.
Due to the limited time available, the Proposed Constitution Amendments will be deferred along with the 2020 amendments until 2022 at (hopefully) our next full Convocation. We will be completing the election of Officers for 2021 – 2021 with the exception of the Grand Principal Sojourner, all of the Officers have been elected by Acclimation, the only balloting will be for our Grand Principal Sojourner. The ballot and balloting information is also attached.
The incoming officers will be installed at the Convocation. I have posted to the Web Site the 2021 Advance Proceedings, Balloting information along with the directions for balloting and the Biographies of the Candidates. All of this information is under the tab “2021 Grand Convocation.
Please mail your ballot ASAP but I would like it back no later than September 15, 2021.
If there are any question, please contact me at:

REC Peter Guichon
Grand Scribe Ezra